• David Goldberg

    Edge Studio Director

    "Trust ArtistUpgrade! We did and now we totally rely on them for our graphics, our website, and all things creative. Its not just that they're creative and meticulous artists: They are smart how they approach things: Everything is considered - branding and effectiveness are paramount, and their execution is simply terrific (and exciting!) to watch. You will not be disappointed. We encourage anyone to use them."

    Visit www.edgestudio.com

  • Bob Luzum

    President of Accurate Component Sales, Inc.

    "...ArtistUpgrade exceeded my expectations! To be sure it required a quite a bit of effort on my part to ‘paint the picture’ of what I thought I wanted. However, there lies the true reason I am giving this testimonial. Alison and Mick were able to envision what I thought I wanted into what I really needed to get across to existing and potential customers. In the end, they listened, envisioned & responded – and I couldn’t be happier with the end results! And, since launching our new site sales are up 20‰."

    Visit www.accuratecomp.com

  • Mara Junot

    New Orleans Voice Talent

    "Alison & Mick at ArtistUpgrade are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. They are friendly, professional, with thorough attention to detail and a creative style that just makes websites pop. My website was custom-tailored to my needs and branding goals, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! Phenomenal work!!! I recommend the team at ArtistUpgrade for any professional in the acting industry who wants a clean, professional site designed specifically for the needs of artists in the media."

    Visit www.marajunot.com

  • Randye Kaye

    Connecticut Voice Talent

    "If you ask me, I could write a book...about ArtistUpgrade. They designed my logo, business card, and brand-new website - all while helping me with branding concepts, SEO, site navigation, and more. The whole team is creative, fun, efficient - and boy do they know their stuff! And, oh yeah - very patient and responsive with me, my multiple business facets, and my endless questions. Love them!!"

    Visit www.vo.randyekaye.com

  • John Jacobs

    NYC Voice Talent

    "To adapt Winston Churchill: "Never in the field of websites and print materials was so much owed by so many to so few". I could not imagine working with a more creative and professional team than Alison and Mick."

    Visit www.johnjacobsvoice.com

  • Elizabeth Holmes

    California Voice Talent

    "I am SO impressed with ArtistUpgrade! Their skill, their taste, their professionalism, and their rates are all exceptional. They exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I'm thrilled with the results! Highly recommended."

    Visit www.holmesvoice.com

  • Dionne Audain

    Actor & Voice Talent

    "I greatly appreciate you all sticking by me, not giving up, taking a chance on me, and breaking the mold as well. It has been absoulutely wonderful working with you...You guys are awesome and have an awesome company, too."

    Visit www.dionneaudain.com

  • Shashone Lambert


    "The whole process was great, even for those who aren't computer literate! I love my website. It's professional and yet it still captures my personal style. I truly believe it's something that puts me one step ahead."

    Visit www.shashonelambert.com

  • Stuart Stone

    Casting Director

    "Your work is AMAZING AND SO CREATIVE! BEST work I have seen in a long time."

    Visit www.commercialacting.net

  • Sharon Maguire


    "You guys are the shit!"

    Visit www.sharonmaguireactor.com

  • Beth Mensinger

    D.C. Voice Talent

    "I loved working with ArtistUpgrade. It helps to have true professionals who can collaborate, take a rough idea and run with it to develop a strong brand -- all without being offended or 'bothered' by suggestions or edit requests. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the suggestions, support and encouragement!"

    Visit www.voicesbybeth.com

  • B.P. Smyth

    Tennessee Voice Talent

    "It has been an absolute pleasure working with you ... The website design exceeds my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled with it, and I can't wait to show all my current clients and include it, of course, in my marketing attempts. I am looking forward to working with you and Mick in the years to come."

    Visit www.bpsmythvoice.com

  • Bill Brennan

    Billy B Productions

    "Can a website really be beautiful? Apparently so, because, this week, I have heard that comment three times in response to the site you created for me. For me, the real "beauty" has been working with you. You are really good at what you do and you are very easy to work with. Thanks again for the great job and service."

    Read Billy B's Full Testimonial

    Visit www.billybproductions.com

  • Cynthia Shaw

    Actor+Singer+Voice Talent+Musical Director

    "I booked a independent film, and the producer said I had an 'excellent' website that made it so easy for him to find out about me. He loved that my reel was so easily accessible. He was just lavish in his praise of the website. Congrats and thanks!"

    Visit www.cynthiashaw.us

  • Larry Zeug

    East Coast Voice Talent

    "Can't say enough good things about you guys. You did a great job, you were fun to work with and your response/turn around time was excellent. Thank You."

    Visit www.larryzeug.com

  • Kamran R. Khan

    Trilingual Camera & Voice Actor

    "Fantastic design skills and service! Artist Upgrade didn't "push back" on anything I requested and made every effort to accommodate my every request or provide an alternative!"

    Visit www.kamranrkhan.com

  • Suzanne Obolsky

    NYC Voice Talent

    "Is it possible to marry a website design company? If so, it's time to choose a china pattern! ArtistUpgrade not only provides exceptional quality work, but also exemplary customer service, truck-loads of personality and a keen sense of what makes you look your best. If you want to make your product memorable, I would highly recommend ArtistUpgrade's services. Branding has never looked or felt so good."

    Visit www.suzanneobolskyspeaks.com

  • Simon Cregan


    "I'm not being dramatic here, but the site is sensational. I'm estatic about it. It's better than I imagined it would be, what else can i say? It's wonderful! And believe me I don't get excited by much at all! A Big thank you to [Mick] and Alison for the parts you both played in the building of it."

    Visit www.simoncregan.com

  • Dorothy Faux representative


    "Thank you very much for all your efforts on Rawson's behalf in building his website. You were both thoughtful, helpful, professional, fast and a pleasure to work with. Mick, you did great design work, working with photos that had lots of personality but lacking great quality and your idea to use them as polaroids was brilliant. I think the site reflects Rawson's personality and look, is stylish and easy to navigate. We look forward to continuing to work with you."

    Visit www.rawsonfaux.com

  • Mike Markham

    Voice Talent & Ring Announcer

    "The team at ArtistUpgrade is extremely knowledgable and great to work with. They really take care of you. They aren't just about hooking you up with a website. They'll help you keep things updated and fresh throughout your career. Whatever you need from marketing materials to web design, they've got you covered. They really care about their clients and they know exactly what you need as an entertainer/actor/VO talent. Lots of people can design websites but Artist Upgrade can help you build an image to form and further your career."

    Visit www.edgestudio.com

  • Valerie Menzel

    Voice Talent & Producer

    "The AU team is so smart, talented and truly professional. I've gotten nothing but rave reviews on my website...The team at Artist Upgrade are consummate professionals, incredibly talented and a true pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend their services as working with them has been an absolutely wonderful experience."

    Visit www.valeriemenzel.com

  • Lisa Junco

    Actor & Voice Talent

    "Thank you Alison and Mick for your creativity and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with you. I received excellent marketing materials at an exceptional value on a very timely basis. I have already referred you to my 140 something Facebook friends!"

    Visit www.lisajunco.com

  • Donna Ross

    Actor & Singer

    "For anyone who's considering going with ArtistUpgrade..this is what I would say..If you are looking to work with people who truly care about making you happy, giving you a product that represents you as an artist and capturing who you uniquely are then don't consider going anywhere else or with anyone other than ArtistUpgrade. It was a wonderful collaborative effort every step of the way. Thanks again Mick, Alison and Chelsea. It was amazing working with you."

    Visit www.donna-ross.com

  • Diana Rodriguez

    Actor & Singer

    "I love my website, and have already seen results! I can't believe the difference in response between sending a generic myspace link and sending potential clients/collaborators to my artistupgrade page. I have spoken to people at all levels of the music business who felt frustrated at how much they pay for websites they aren't happy with. Alison and Mick consistently listened to what I wanted in the process and then showed me something better than what I asked for. I feel confident that I am sending out a professional image that represents who I am as an artist, and I know I can trust this team to help my website grow with me!"

    Visit www.tiadianarodriguez.com

  • Patty Aicher

    Actor & Voice Talent

    "ArtistUpgrade is by far the most professional company I have ever worked with. I am proud and excited to launch my site and have gotten 100% positive feedback. I feel very lucky. Thank you for all of your hard work!"

    Visit www.pattyaicher.com

  • Leslie Becker


    "ArtistUpgrade delivers the most sophisticated, customized website service around. From the process for uploading your content to the final result, these guys are at the top of their game! I would and DO recommend ArtistUpgrade to everyone in the creative arts! You won't find a better way to be seen, showcased and presented to the world! Artist-Upgrade rocks!"

    Visit www.lesliebecker.net

  • David Bridel


    "ArtistUpgrade made the experience of building the site easy and fun. I'm delighted with the result and I intend to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues."

    Visit www.davidbridel.org

  • Lee Gundersheimer

    NYU Drama Faculty

    "Actor websites are the wave of the future. We (NYU Drama) have just developed our own Tisch Online Portfolio program for just this reason. ArtistUpgrade, founded and run by two of our alums, creates websites that are clean, thorough, and professional."

    Visit Lee's Tisch profile

  • Bob Fraser


    "Your site is terrific and the product looks superb!"

    Visit www.showbizhowto.com

  • Kari Nicolle


    "Before I had an OK website. Now, it's FANTASTIC!"

    Visit www.karinicolle.com

  • Simone Schmitz

    Actor & Model

    "I love how easy you make it to have a website that truly reflects who I am and what I do.I've shown my new website to all kinds of different industry folks (photographers, make-up artists, other models and actors and producers) and they all loved it!"

    Visit www.simoneschmitz.net

  • Pat Patterson

    Actor & Producer

    "Mick was able to translate my "you knows" as I attempted to describe my needs ad wants into tangible, stunningly creative answers to my desires for my website. Alison was always available to answer my questiosn and explain the process. I couldn't be more impressed."

    Visit www.patpatterson.biz

  • Roxanna Brunell representative


    "ArtistUpgrade provides clients exceptional service, on-target suggestions, a sharp and quick understanding of what you need as a client, they're a very professional and competent team, no question is too small therefore the process is a pleasure."

    Visit www.alexanderstixbrunell.com

  • Robert Kim

    NYC Headshot Photographer

    "ArtistUpgrade provides artists with professional websites that are both completely thorough and extremely easy to navigate. They give you everything you need! The entire industry is shifting towards the internet, no artist can afford not to get on board with this great company."

    Visit www.robertkim.com

  • Chelsea D'Aprile


    "ArtistUpgrade creates completely unique websites for each client - the personal attention given to the website is incredible, and each visual design is specially created for the client. I think every artist, actor, model, voice-over talent, musician, and performer should know about ArtistUpgrade. Having a website is crucial for marketing, and ArtistUpgrade is the best at creating a unique, visually elegant, and professionally built website. And all at an affordable price! 5 stars!"

    Visit www.chelseadaprile.com

  • Sarah Tancer

    Actor+Singer+Voice Talent

    "ArtistUpgrade rocks! Alison and Mick are quick, responsive, friendly, patient (it took me forever to upload all of my materials-but the minute they got them they were super quick to put them together). They also are super quick with edits when you have them. The design work is stylish, clean and professional and I've received tons of positive feedback from everyone who has viewed it. I love my website. I feel super confident sending potential clients there and most importantly I've booked jobs from it. So hooray for ArtistUpgrade!"

    Visit www.sarahtancer.com

  • Erin Mallon

    Actor+Writer+Voice Talent

    "I am totally in love with my website. Thank you to all."

    Visit www.erinmallon.net

  • Jason Starr

    Voice Talent

    "You guys truly have made me feel good about marketing myself with these materials! Thanks!"

    Visit www.jasonstarrvoice.com

  • Joe Clausen

    Voice Talent

    "I worked with ArtistUpgrade to create a website, business cards, and postcards for my voiceover business. They were great to work with on all fronts! We worked together to come up with a plan, they provided design ideas, and I'm happy with the end products. Highly recommended!"

    Visit www.joeclausen.com

  • Craig Young

    Voice Talent

    "Where to begin? Alison (and her husband/business partner Mick) have given me the best balance of personal service, value for money and excellent results. ArtistUpgrade 'gets' me as a voiceover artist and I totally trusted them to design the site to reflect me and my business. I was not disappointed. My website exceeded my expectations and the process was methodical, transparent and customer-centric. I'm going back for more!"

    Visit www.theaudioanimator.com

  • Jeigh Duran

    Voice Talent

    "I am very happy with the experience I had with ArtistUpgrade, and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a gazillion dollars to blow on a website. Both Mick and Alison were professional, kind and patient, very responsive and efficient. If you don't know much, no problem, they are glad to help you through the process."

    Visit www.jeighduran.com

  • Susan Manhire

    Voice Talent

    "My experience with ArtistUpgrade was wonderful! They were professional, interested, caring, friendly, and most importantly, they did exactly what they said they would do....in the time frame they said they would do it in. No kidding! ArtistUpgrade provides all of the qualities you want in a business, and delivers a great website. I love mine and will refer them to anyone and everyone!"

    Visit www.susanmanhire.com

  • David Noyes

    NYC Voice Talent

    "The entire process, from design to implementation was smooth and professional. I was extremely pleased with the result."

    Visit www.davidnoyesvoiceover.com

  • Dawna Perez

    Massachusetts Voice Talent

    "If any music/VO actors/creative types are looking for a GREAT, professional company to work with, I recommend www.ArtistUpgrade.com. Everyone at ArtistUpgrade is wonderful, and a pleasure to work with!"

    Visit www.geminivoice.com

  • Laura Butler

    Actor & Singer

    "ArtistUpgrade exceeded my expectations. This truly is a wonderful company. All artists should have this kind of experience when building their website!!!"

    Visit www.laurabutlernyc.com

  • David Finch

    Voice Talent

    "Perfect! Many thanks for the fast turnaround on this! You guys are the absolute best to work with! Thanks again."

    Visit www.davidfinchvo.com

  • Brooke Baumer

    Actor & Comedian

    "ArtistUpgrade is a team of fantastic designers. Not only are their ideas fresh, but they are top-notch professionals when it comes to customer service. They work efficiently and quickly to guarantee you get the product you want. Highly recommend them!"

    Visit www.brookebaumer.com

  • Robin Carus

    Actor & Casting Director

    "I'm always having to look at headshots, resumes, and websites. ArtistUpgrade is a rare service that caringly caters to the professional artist's pocket while beautifully creating a site around personality and individual style."


  • Angelica Brooks

    Actor+Singer+Voice Talent

    "They recently completed my website and I love it. They are professional and proficient. I highly recommend them to any professional."

    Visit www.angelicabrooks.com

  • J. Christopher Dunn

    Seattle Voice Talent

    "WOW!!! I love it! Those were my initial reactions to your design....Again, wow! Thanks you so much for a super hot site!"

    Visit www.jchristopherdunn.com

  • Allenda Harris

    Voice Talent

    "When I started this journey of finding a website designer, searching the internet, and reading everything I could about the voiceover industry--which one day lead me to the site artistupgrade.com, I knew there was something phenomenally different going on there! From those who answer the telephone --all the way to the delivered product can be summed up like this: Each member of the Artist Upgrade Team, each individual department of the whole is, in their own right, the ultimate consummate Customer Service and Creativity Extraordinaire. Many thanks!"

    Visit www.allendavoice.com

  • Helene Jaubert

    Florida Voice Talent

    "Where should I begin?? Let me start with no matter the amount of emails and questions I bombarded them with the one-on-one personal service was impeccable and always maintained their professionalism through and through. They always kept me well informed of the status and always had options to make my decision easier. The end result of my site is nothing short of "stylishly polished, functional, modernly elegant, & uniquely me".... Thank you Artist Upgrade for bringing out my true essence & a real representation of my talents!"

    Visit www.helenejaubert.com

  • Deb Coloma

    Arizona Voice Talent

    "Thanks so much, you are awesome! Anytime I pass out my card, you cannot believe all the great comments I get. Best decision I made working with you!!"

    Visit www.debcoloma.com

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About Our Clients

The most important part of ArtistUpgrade is our clients. They are the ones who continue to inspire and challenge us with new ideas every day.

To Serve and Design

Many of our clients are performing artists including Actors, Voiceover Artists, Clowns, Models, Singers, Musicians, Casting Directors, Producers, Writers, and Directors. We also work closely with many small businesses and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. Our clients have included Yoga Instructors, Acting Teachers and Coaches, Theatre Companies, Fastener Distributors, Car Dealerships, Fashion Designers, and Production Companies. Click the tabs above to learn more about our different types of clients and hear what they have to say about working with ArtistUpgrade.


Our Clients - The Early Years

When we started ArtistUpgrade in June of 2008, we had no idea that we would ever acquire such a diverse array of international clients in just two short years of our start up. Truth be told, we questioned even if we would ever have any clients!

In our first weeks after launching our AritstUpgrade website, we tried hopelessly to generate interest in our actor websites through mass emails, postcard drop offs around New York City, and through word of mouth. I'm sure more than a few of our friends could recall listening to us talk about our dreams for ArtistUpgrade for hours on end to a fault.

Despite our relentless efforts, after about a month, the only customers we had were pro bono cases for friends and colleauges who were doing us a favor by allowing us to build up a portfolio and gain credibility. Even though we were struggling, we remained stead-fast and true to our goal of creating professional, effective, personalized websites for artists.

Then, one quiet day, we received an email from a Mr. David Bridel stating that he was interested in a website from us. David had been a teacher to both Mick and myself during our time studying at The Atlantic Theatre Company through New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be working with our esteemed mentor and internationally respected director, clown, actor, writer, choreographer and teacher. It took us about six months from start to finish to get David's site up and running, hitting many speedbumps and refining our business model along the way, but in November 2008, we completed our first client website for David.

To this day, I'm quite convinced that, had it not been for David's confidence and pateince, ArtistUpgrade might not have ever made it through those first six months of building our company. Since then, our client base has grown to encompass artists from all over the world and across the United States. Each client has been pivotal to the development of our services – posing new quesitons and challenges with each unique project.

At ArtistUpgrade, we are fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse group of artists, actors, voiceover talent, small businesses and entrepreneurs who keep us inspired and challenged every step of the way. To all our clients past, present and future, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for putting your faith and trust in our little company. Without you, ArtistUpgrade would not be the company it is today. Thank You.

— Alison Moehnke, President

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Can a website really be beautiful? Apparently so, because, this week, I have heard that comment three times in response to the site you created for me. I also have read, in emails, "amazing", "awesome" and "really impressive", and I haven't even advertised it yet. These comments are from folks I know well. The same folks who would love to point out, if it were true, I had lettuce stuck between my teeth. And perhaps more importantly in regards to the practical application of the site, I have noticed an uptick in inquiries from paying customers. Have I mentioned I haven't advertised it yet?

I have heard from actors who have worked with you, Mick, that you are a very talented actor who brings a lot of energy to the productions you are involved in, but what I know directly is that you are a very talented visual artist which a great sense of graphic design. Also, the structure you created for the site is, I'm sure, an important part of what elicits the "beautiful" comments. And I have no doubt, that it is you Alison, who keeps that office focused.

But for me, at this early stage when I am still, under your tutelage, entering content into the site, the real "beauty" has been working with you two and Chelsea. You always respond to my questions immediately, you always pick up the phone, you are patient when again explaining a procedure you had explained two days earlier; in a nutshell, you are really good at what you do and you are very easy to work with. And again, perhaps more importantly, your rates are really, really reasonable.

Oh, and, for the third time, when you make a thumb nail photo in photoshop for a video clip for the site, what size should it be? Oh, and when you ................

Thanks again for the great job and service,

Billy B Brennan