ArtistUpgrade Website Portfolio

ArtistUpgrade offers three unique types of website design: Custom Design, One Page Voiceover Websites, and our ArtistUpgrade Signature Sites. To get a taste for our style and abilities, please browse through the galleries below.


Custom Websites

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One Page Voiceover Website

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ArtistUpgrade Signature Website

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ArtistUpgrade Graphic Design Portfolio

ArtistUpgrade has had over 10 years experience designing print materials. From business cards to brochures, if you can print it, we can design it! Below you can browse through galleries of our most popular items to view examples of our work for Business Cards, Postcards, and CD Cases & Labels.

Business Cards

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CD Cases & Labels

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Our Design Philosophy


ArtistUpgrade has a unique approach to design. It’s not just about creating something that looks nice, it’s about creating graphics that effectively represent who you are and what you have to offer to your target audience. For example, imagine that you have a business that caters to the color blind. The design you create to promote your products or services to them would be very different from the design you create for a target audience comprised of people who can see all spectrums of the rainbow.

With our clients, we first get to know you, your wants, needs, and goals before any graphics are ever considered. By determining exactly what your web or graphic design goals are, we are then able to create a design that hits all your bench marks. By identifying your target market, we are able to create an effective design for your viewers. The end result is a design that meets both your and your end user's needs ensuring that the finsihed work will do the job it was created to do.

  • Functional Aesthetics

    What is functional aesthetics? A term we came up with to describe our approach to every design we create. We all know good design when we see it, but it’s hard to articulate what makes something a good design. If I asked you to try to explain good design in 30 seconds or less, chances are, you’ll find yourself scrambling for words and trying to identify a universal truth. The truth of the matter is that visual arts have always been, and will always be, subject to circumstance and personal appeal.


    So how does ArtistUpgrade ensure that you’re getting good design? First, we must examine all the elements that contribute to a good design. There is a delicate balance between designing for the client and designing for the end user (the person whose attention you are seeking). If we design only for personal taste, we would end up with something that appeals to the client, but not necessarily to the end user. If we design with only the end user in mind, the result is often a design that looks great, but lacks a unique quality or selling point of the client. By first determining the function of the design, then assessing the aesthetic needs of the design, ArtistUpgrade is able to create original designs that are aesthetically attractive and functional. We begin each project with this end goal in mind — to create designs that not only look good, but do the job they were designed to do.

Graphic Design

What makes good graphic design? At ArtistUpgrade, we whole–heartedly believe that good design is obvious. Good design is not the fanciest or most complex design, it's design that serves a purpose. Think of the Nike swoosh – a simple logo that communicates motion, power, and confidence. Good design is design that makes you go "Of course that's what that logo–business card–website would be for that company–actor–client!" Our unique approach of combining your personal preference and vision with the practicality and functionality of the design ensures that you walk away with a design that you are proud to have representing you, your product, or service.


Website Design

What makes good website design? Because we are inundated with the Internet, on our computers at work and home, on our mobile devices, et cetera, we often forget that, at the core, a website is simply a means for transferring information quickly, affordably, and effectively. At the end of the day, the purpose of any website is to communicate relevant information to the end user.

In order to have a "good" website, first and foremost, your content must be easily accessible and relevant to your target audience. How your information is organized will have a significant impact on the impression your website leaves. For example, if your content is sloppy, then the end user may get the impression that you are sloppy. In contrast, a sophisticated website will communicate a sense of sophistication to the user. The Internet allows us to share information literally at the speed of light, but how we share that information can leave a lasting impression. ArtistUpgrade has spent hundreds of hours developing and refining the layout and functionality of our websites to ensure that your information is easily accessible to your audience.

The final peice of the good website design puzzle is the visual elements that accompany the content on a website. An image is, indeed, worth a thousand words. The Internet allows us to not only share information effectively, but also communicate ideas and concepts with the visual elements that accompany the content of your site. The marriage of an effective content layout and complementary graphics that are in line with your marketing message will ultimately result in good website design.

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